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What you can gain from becoming a volunteer coach?

1. Sharing Your Love of the Sport with Young Athletes

2. Helping Kids Access the Life-Changing Benefits of Youth Baseball

3. Feeling the Rewards of Serving Others

4. Building Relationships with Community Members

5. Practicing Your Leadership Skills

6. Spending Quality Time with your Own Children


Playing baseball is an important part of almost every American boy and girl childhood.  It's the national pastime, and parents have been passing along the game to their sons and daughters for generations. 

Getting involved in Youth Baseball as a kid provides several benefits for a young athlete. 

1. It's Fun

2. Camaraderie

3. Teamwork

4. It Keeps You Off of the Couch

5. Sportsmanship

6. Promotes Patience and Focus

7. Boosts Mood and Mental Health

Board Members Wanted

KAYB must maintain a strong Board of Directors.  We are looking for Board Members that are interested in making decisions that further the Mission of the KAYB League and for Board Members whose primary objective is for the positive benefit of KAYB organization as a whole. 

Each year, new members are needed to replace the "aging out" Board Members (who take years of experience with them).  We have an ongoing need to recruit new Board Members, Tee-Ball, Rookie, Minors  as parents from these divisions will be the future Leaders of KAYB. 

Maintaining an adequate number of active Board Members will allow each Board Member to fulfill 100% of their assigned duties and responsibilities.  Doing so will prevent mistakes, problems and issues that to correct, drain energy, time and resources from our mission of supplying our youth with a quality Youth Baseball experience. 

Welcome to our Kennewick American Youth Baseball!


Kennewick American Youth Baseball’s mission is to develop in our youth the community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence. Encourage community/family involvement and pride in the development of fine, strong, and happy youth who will grow to be responsible healthy adults.

This website purpose is to:

  • Assist the league in the registration process
  • Provide important documents to league members
  • Provide a schedule for league activities
  • Provide game schedules to players and parents
  • Let our members know about our sponsors

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions to improve by emailing

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Alex Nelson

League President

Phone: (509) 619-2176